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University of Bedfordshire residency exhibition
University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK
My six month residency at The University of Bedfordshire culminated in an exhibition.
‘On a Hiding to Nothing’, (detail), sculpture, 2015

On a Hiding to Nothing, 2015

Exploiting found and re-worked materials I exhibited five paintings, one sculpture and a film.

Comprising 5 basketballs reworked to mimic an animal hide, On a Hiding to Nothing probes stereotypically ‘masculine’ attributes such as prowess in hunting and sport.

‘Groove is in the heart’ and ‘Come baby, come baby, baby come come’, paint on board, 2015

In contrast, my paintings borrow their titles from song lyrics and feature candy-coloured phallic creatures that appear to be searching for something, possibly the ‘free love’ that their pop-psychedelic grooviness recalls.


Influences on my residency

The tutorials and collaborative work I made with students during my residency highlighted gender identity as a emergent subject. Throughout my residency I also worked part time in an all male college in London. These experiences impacted my work.

I also showed ‘Bedford University Dance’ and gave a talk about the process of co-creating work with students at the university as part of my end of residency show.

University of Bedfordshire Residency

Over a 6 month period from 2014- 2015 I worked in the BA(Hons) Art and BA(Hons) Film and Photography departments of the University of Bedfordshire. I gave tutorials, two talks and invited students to collaborate on a performative film workshop.

I developed the workshop material into a video that explored art movements through dance. I showed this piece alongside sculptures and paintings that I made during my residency period in the end of residency exhibition.

‘Groove is in the heart’, 2015