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I was never very good at maths
Atelje Clobb, Škofja Loka, Slovenija

I was never very good at maths are a series of enamel paintings on metal and linoleum of geometric patterns. The patterns visibly contain human error and reference abstract art. The lino is taken from the old studio floor and references Modernist painting.

They intentionally play with these references and use humourous wobbly lines and a cartoon-like aesthetic. Although the forms are geometric, their imperfections render them impossible to duplicate or mechanise and become more human somehow.

These flawed paintings take a wry look at the binaries of failure and success.

Atelje Clobb Residency

From 2013- 2014 I was artist in residence at Atelje Clobb, Škofja Loka, Slovenija. The residency was hosted by the local Zavod (or community organisation), Zavod O.

Stills from my performance ‘Dancing Lace’, Atelje Clobb, 2013

Clobb Artist Residency

I had a studio space at Clobb and worked there 7 days a week blending my artist residency work with the community studio and engagement work I opted to do.

I was inspired to undertake this residency to experience life in a rural context that was previously a part of the former Yugoslavia. The work that I made during this time was very experimental and responded to the wider context of the culture. Exploring different engagement, storytelling and narrative approaches instrumentally shaped the work I made during the residency and overall approach.

I remain friends with many of the artists and thinkers I met, lived with and collaborated with during this period.

Community Arts Studio

As part of my residency at Atelje Clobb, I devised and ran engagement programs for children, young adults and older learners, supported music nights and organised happenings and events.

I ran an art program for adults and weekly workshops with children and young adults at the studio. I also ran an engagement program for young people at the local gymnazia (secondary school) in order to recruit interest in the community arts program. I organised exhibitions in the local library and in local restaurants for the work that came out of the community arts programs.

During the summer I ran an Atelje Clobb stall each weekend where I sold local craft work and did face painting to raise money (and the profile of) Clobb studio and community programs.