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This page aims to provide guidance in relation to the following:

a. Morgan’s Process vs Website Structure
b. Morgan’s Process Terms vs WordPress Post Types
c. The Reflexive Experience Page
d. WordPress Post Categories
e. WordPress Reusable Blocks
f. Uploading Media Content

a. Morgan’s Process vs Website Structure

In order to communicate the breadth of Morgan Tipping’s work in a structured form, we have identified the following terms as a means to convey the process that underpins here approach as a socially engaged artist.

These Terms are:

– Action Research
– Outcomes
– Reflexive Experience

In the context of this website these terms do not overlap, and thus provide the website user with a simple step by step means for navigating the breadth of Morgan’s life achievements and work.

Although the website user might not initially know what these terms mean, they are an accurate reflection of Morgan Tipping’s approach, and through browsing the site they can start to contextualise each piece of work (WordPress Post) in relation to this overarching process.

The means by which the navigation appears to be constantly moving forward also suggests that there is an iterative approach and process applied in her (life) achievements and work.

The website navigation aims to subconsciously instil an understanding of the iterative nature, order and relationship between each piece of work (WordPress post) and the process.

Action Research

Research that happened in a significant place during a placement or period of time (like a residency). The research might have been carried out through workshops, events and manifest as:

– Video
– Sound
– Photographic documentation.

Reflexive Experience

Important / seminal opportunities, events, places/periods or time that shaped my thinking, working process and increased my artistic profile.


The piece of work that most consolidates my experience of a place/collaboration or period of time.

b. Morgan’s Process Terms vs WordPress Post Types

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Outcomes are consolidated pieces of work.
They might be:

– Films
– Events
– Exhibitions
– Essays
– Writing
– Talks
– Audio
– Paintings

– Sculptures
– Drawings
– Prints
– Performance
– Music
– Collaborative work that I commission / co-commission

Action Research

Items that aught to be added as an Action Research would include:

– Live research
– Hands on engagement
– Critical reflection of the context
– Critical reflection of my own subjective experience
– Emotional responses
– Cognitive responses
– Theoretical connections

Reflexive Experience

Reflexive Experience posts include the following:

– Artist Residencies
– Qualifications
– Awards
– Personal Exhibitions
– Community of Practice
– Engaged pedagogy
– Teaching & Educator roles

c. The Reflexive Experience Page

On this website we don’t list each Reflexive Experience item in an archive like we do with the Outcomes and Action Research post.

This is because in the context of this page, Reflexive Experiences can in some instances be a period of time; a collection of Outcomes, Action Research and/or other Reflexive Experiences.

This page allows you to add further context to the relativity of Outcomes, Action research and/or other Reflexive Experiences by grouping them.

d. WordPress Post Categories

Why do we use Categories

The WordPress Category functionality exists as means to grouping (categorising) Morgans Work.

The role of Categories

Whereas we have 3 terms: Action Research, Outcomes and Reflexive Experience, which in the context of this website do not overlap. Categories are able to transcend these terms. The category “Talks” for example can take place in the context of an Outcome as well as an Action Research or Reflexive Experience.

Assigning Categories

We assign one or more categories to each of the Action Research and Outcome posts, as well as the Manual entries on the Reflexive Experience page.

We aim to keep the number of categories that we assign to a minimum, in order for the website user to have a clearer idea of what each of the Action Research post, Outcome post or Reflexive experience item(s) entails.

e. WordPress Reusable Blocks

The Morgan tipping WordPress website makes use of Re-usable Blocks, which are in fact a collection of individual (WordPress Gutenberg) content blocks.

The Re-usable blocks are populated with content in a way that allows the information to transcend individual posts, so they can appear on each “grouped content” post for example.

– Adding, Editing and Updating re-usable block content is done via the WordPress menu Reusable Blocks. Reusable Blocks can also be made/edited from within the a single post.

– When editing and updating an existing Re-usable Block, the changes will be update all instances of that given block across the whole website.

– Reusable Blocks can also be “detached”, so they no longer are updated if / when updates are made to the original block.

f. Uploading Media Content


In general, images should be compressed down to their smallest size achievable. Ensure no noticeable distortion or loss in colour happens when compressing down.

Although a wider range of files types are accepted, it is best to use JPG’s for photos and PNGs if you require transparent backgrounds in the images.

Ensure that the images uploaded to the WordPress media library are never more than 500KB in size.

NOTE: PNGs tend to be much larger in file size than JPGs.

Featured Sound

When adding a featured sound item, also add an images that is displayed along side the sound playing

If you don’t want a visual as such, upload at transparent PNG

Featured Video

When adding a featured video item, also add a placeholder image. This image is displayed before the video plays; prior to a “user gesture” is made.

I would suggest to use an image that matches the pause/start of the video.

To ensure a visual consistency and no “obtrusive” re-sizing change occurs during the transformation from placeholder to video, ensure to add an image that has the exact same dimension as your video.

Gallery Blocks

Gallery Block images should ideally be at least 2400px wide, and no wider than 3200px. Any height can be chosen.

Try and keep the images that are used in any given gallery block the same proportions as to achieve visual consistency.