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Do It Different Projects: Workwear
Various, Nottinghamshire, UK
The Do It Different Workwear project evolved from The Factory alternative art school. The project intentionally broke the historic practice of controlling what people in workhouses wore.

Do It Different Workwear

The Do It Different projects evolved from The Factory alternative art school and were shaped by the diverse sensory experiences of the neuro and mobility diverse tutor/ collaborators involved.

I invited Mel Rye to meet The Factory tutors and help us on initial Workwear development. The Workwear Project was held at the two children’s homes and at Nottingham Mencap.

Following the initial workshops the Factory tutor-collaborators and I continued to developed their clothing and work with a range of textiles techniques including printing and appliqué.

I organised a photoshoot (with photographer Tommy Chavannes), featuring some of the tutor-collaborators wearing their creations at The Factory performance/studio space (located inside The Workhouse, Southwell). The Workwear featured in the Do It Different exhibition.

Collaborative Creatives

Do it Different

As 2019- 20 National Trust Creative Fellow at The Workhouse, Southwell I devised and ran a year-long commission in collaboration with over 200 neuro and mobility diverse children, young people and adults.

The Factory alternative art school

I built the Factory alternative art school at The Workhouse, which evolved co-creatively over the course of 12 months. The school existed across 4 sites (inside two children’s homes, at Nottingham Mencap and at The Workhouse).

Everyone involved shaped the structure, process and outcomes as both a tutor and creative collaborator.

Do It Different curriculum and work

The Do It Different curriculum responded to the unique sensory, communication and movement styles of everyone involved and was characterised by free imaginative exploration. It ​informed three Do It Different Projects that explored movement, sound and textiles and also shaped The Factory space which housed paintings, sculptures textiles work and performances.

The title, Do It Different, was coined by one of the tutor/collaborators.

The school and projects evolved into the Do It Different exhibition, Do It Different website, Do It Different arts trail and Casual Terms film.

Some Do It Different tutors at The Factory, The Workhouse, Nottinghamshire, 2019

The Workhouse context

By foregrounding and developing collaborative structures that challenged conformity and hierarchy, the art school intentionally broke the rules and routines of The Workhouse past.

Do It Different in the future

By highlighting and breaking from historic structures and practices that inform our educational, creative and social care institutions today, Do It Different also asks us to consider how these institutions can evolve more progressively in the future.

Trust new Art Creative Fellow at The Workhouse, Southwell 2019 – 2020