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Bedford University Dance
Video performance
Video performance
School of Art, Luton, UK
During my residency at Bedford University I invited students to collaborate on a filmed workshop that explored art movements through dance.

Bedford University Dance 2016

Inspired by a dance routine that I made based in response to Jean Michel- Basquiat’s work, the students were invited to select their own artist or movement and create a response using movement and dance.

The aim and content of the workshop posited the idea that there are multiple ways in which to explore, understand and re-contextualise artworks.

This film is the result of a one day workshop and I showed it as part of my end of residency exhibition in April 2016 in the art school gallery.

Film Stills

University of Bedfordshire Residency

Over a 6 month period from 2014- 2015 I worked in the BA(Hons) Art and BA(Hons) Film and Photography departments of the University of Bedfordshire. I gave tutorials, two talks and invited students to collaborate on a performative film workshop.

I developed the workshop material into a video that explored art movements through dance. I showed this piece alongside sculptures and paintings that I made during my residency period in the end of residency exhibition.

‘Groove is in the heart’, 2015